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                        The world has known of fragrant substances and their preparation for over six thousand years. The connoisseurs perfected the art and techniques of pressing, boiling, powdering, maceration in fat and distillation down the years. That’s how our grand father Sheikh Abdul Rauf started distillation and manufacturing of perfumes back in 1880 at the makkah of Indian perfumes in Kannauj. The legecy of over a 100 years of making perfumes was transferred from the grand father to grand son Obaidul Rab Raufi. .
                        So, new business into prosperous and booming business enterprises has begun The company Al-Obaid perfumes was found. The Al Obaid perfumes team with 120 years experience in this field. The Al Obaid Group has now its manufacturing units in Behrain and India. The Al Obaid group is now engaged in both distillation of oils as well as retail market.
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